Emily Marrocco is an Australian artist who is currently based in the United Kingdom. Her work is primarily focused on - but not limited to - oil painted sporting moments that help bring fans back to memorable moments of the club they adore.

In November 2019, with a background in graphite portraiture, Emily delved into unfamiliar territory in oil painting after years of contemplation and admiration for the craft. Emily’s work reached a large audience after sharing her first ever Liverpool FC oil painting (Trent Alexander-Arnold, Andy Robertson, and Jordan Henderson from Leicester away 19/20), which she created out of both excitement and the inability to celebrate their title win due to the pandemic lockdowns.

The feedback from this piece gave Emily the confidence to continue sharing both her passion for art and Liverpool through a variety of oil paintings that take herself and fans alike back to the special moments and celebrations that inspired each piece. Through the power of social media, Emily was launched into a career path she never thought possible.

Emily’s artwork and inspiration is heavily drawn from her passions, and provides through her portfolio an insight into her interests and identity. She hopes her work gives others the opportunity to connect with these passions, and use to express their own.